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■■■クエスト攻略⑤ メインストーリー EP1(後編)

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■ メインストーリーEP1(後編)
<77> [NPC]Vivi
1 Ask if there's anything to help with.
1 Okay.
【QI】Vivi's Flower【獲得】
<78> [NPC]Tristan
1 Will you accept the flower?
1 Aren't you going to ask who it is from?
【QI】Vivi's Flower【消滅】
【QI】Knight's Response1【獲得】
<79> [NPC]Vivi
1 Give Tristan's answer.
【QI】Knight's Response1【消滅】
<80> [NPC]Vivi
1 Ask if there's anything to help with.
1 Okay.
【QI】Vivi's Liquor【獲得】
<81> [NPC]Tristan
1 Would you like to have a drink with me?
1 Tell me about your first love.
1 Don't you know their names or anything of that sort?
【QI】Vivi's Liquor【消滅】
【QI】Knight's Response2【獲得】
<82> [NPC]Vivi
1 Give Tristan's answer.
【QI】Knight's Response2【消滅】
<83> [NPC]Vivi
1 Ask if there's anything to help with.
1 Okay.
【QI】Knight's Master【獲得】
<84> [NPC]Tristan
1 Would you like to have a drink with me?
1 Tell me about the person that you served before.
1 Alright.
1 Who is that person?
【QI】Knight's Master【消滅】
【QI】Knight's Response3【獲得】
<85> [NPC]Vivi
1 Give Tristan's answer.
【QI】Knight's Response3【消滅】
<86> [NPC]Vivi
1 Ask if there's anything to help with.
<87> [NPC]Vivi
2 Ask her to tell about her story.
<89> [NPC]D.End
1 Tell me everything that has been recorded so far.
<90> [NPC]Guard ※真ん中のGuard
1 How come?
2 Threatening.
>立入禁止区域(Restricted Area)へ
<91> [NPC]Martin
1 Who are you?
1 What is that light?
1 Different dimension?
1 Why can't you let me go through here?
1 What does that mean?
1 Who made that kind of rule?
【QI】Door of Dimension Rift【獲得】
<92> [NPC]Noble Madam
3 I thought there could be the way of exterminating Bal…
1 Isn't it the promise with Galadriel?
1 Okay.
1 What's wrong?
1 Okay.
【QI】Door of Dimension Rift【消滅】
【QI】Occur in Laywook Forest【獲得】
<93> [NPC]D.End
2 Tell about what was happened in Laywook Forest.
【QI】Occur in Laywook Forest【消滅】
【QI】Gardel the Mage【獲得】
<94> [NPC]Gardel
2 I need a time travel potion.
3 Why do you want to know?
1 Why did you act like you have it then?
1 What are they?
1 Tears of Baldea?
1 Sure.
【QI】Gardel the Mage【消滅】
【QI】Gardel's Water Bottle【獲得】
<95> [NPC]Green Hair Elf
3 You make her cry.
3 you talk about Duran.
1 Er, excuse me.
【QI】Gardel's Water Bottle【消滅】
【QI】Baldea's Tear【獲得】
<96> [NPC]Gardel
2 Give Baldea's tears.
1 Wait, you promised to give that to me.
【QI】Baldea's Tear【消滅】
【QI】Time Travel Potion【獲得】
<97> [NPC]D.End
2 Present Gardel's Time Travel Potion.
【QI】Time Travel Potion【消滅】
<98> [NPC]D.End
2 Take the Time Travel Potion.
【QI】315 Years Time Travel Potion【獲得】
<100> [NPC]Strange Warp
2 Traveling time.
【QI】315 Years Time Travel Potion【消滅】
<101> [NPC]Vivi
1 What's going on?
1 Don't you remember me?
1 What happened?
1 Explain to me.
1 I will help you.
<102> [NPC]Vivi's House
1 I came to help.
1 What should I do?
【QI】Tristan's Request【獲得】
<103> [NPC]Vivi
1 Reporting what Tristan said?
<104> [NPC]Mysterious Man
1 How do you know?
1 Okay. I will tell them.
【QI】Tristan's Request【消滅】
【QI】Mysterious Guy's Letter【獲得】
<105> [NPC]Vivi
1 Reporting what anonymous guy said.
【QI】Mysterious Guy's Letter【消滅】
<106> [NPC]Gypsy Shop
<107> [NPC]Vivi's House
<108> [NPC]Vivi
1 um, yes.
1 okay.
【QI】Summon Stone【獲得】
<109> [Warp]Into Crack in Dimension
★74Lv Hamariel [Sun] を倒す ※1人だけ女性型
<110> [NPC]Vivi
【QI】Summon Stone【消滅】
【QI】Vivi and Tristan【獲得】
【装備】Grace of Vinagh【獲得】 ⇒ 大事に取っておく
<111> [NPC]Vivi
1 Iris will grow up well.
<112> [NPC]Vivi
2 Take care. Good bye.
2 Let's go back.
<113> [NPC]D.End
2 Divulge what you're seen in the year 315.
1 Is Vivi that same as a Balie?
【QI】Vivi and Tristan【消滅】
【QI】Time Travel Potion【獲得】
★90Lv Ohm [Sun] を倒す
<114> [Warp]To Door of No Turning Back
>内部へ ※2,3分程でオームは復活する
<115> [Warp]To Neja's Room
【QI】Time Travel Potion【消滅】
>316年 ネザの部屋へ
<116> [NPC]Neja
4 What's happening?
1 Okay.
【QI】Neza's Charm【獲得】
<117> [NPC]Neja
5 Why don't you do it?
<118> [Warp]To Hanaiel
<119> [NPC]Arus
1 What are you doing here?
1 I've come to help.
1 Huh?
1 What do you mean you are going to die!
1 Huh???
★145Lv Hanaiel を倒す
【QI】Neza's Charm【消滅】
【アイテム】Mystic Stone【獲得】 ⇒ 大事に取っておく
<120> [Warp]To Outside
<121> [Warp]To Neja's Room
<122> [NPC]Neja
<123> [NPC]Neja

1 To make Hanaiel disappears from Shiltz.
1 Vinagh?
1 Wait, that person is.
【QI】Elim and Balie【獲得】
<124> [NPC]Black Hair Knight
1 You know Vivi, don't you?
1 Hear me out and tell me if I'm wrong.
3 She is your follower right?
3 You did that, right?
2 Because, Vivi is Balie. ("Elim"の誤植と思われる)
1 Because, if Elim disappears, all Balie will be disapp…
2 Because, if the Balie are gone, the Bale will disappe…
1 Is that what you are doing?
2 I want to help you.
1 I got request from people in the future.
1 Teach him
【QI】Elim and Balie【消滅】
【QI】To the Future【獲得】
<125> [NPC]Strange Warp
2 Traveling time.
<126> [NPC]Magus
1 Who are you?
1 You are lying.
4 Because you too are a Balie.
1 All the humans will be gone in the future.
【QI】To the Future【消滅】
【アイテム】Mystic Stone【獲得】 ⇒ 大事に取っておく
<127> [NPC]D.End
1 I have completed your request.
<128> [NPC]Greywind
1 How do you know?
3 Could you be Magus?
★Grace of Vinagh、Mystic Stonex1を所持
<129> [NPC]Greywind
5 Refine the equipment from Elim.
1 Refine the Grace of Vinagh.
1 Yes.
【装備】Grace of Vinagh【消滅】
【アイテム】Mystic Stonex1【消滅】
【装備】Grace of Neza【獲得】
★Grace of Neza、Mystic Stonex1を所持
<130> [NPC]Greywind
5 Refine the equipment from Elim.
1 Refine the Grace of Neza.
1 Yes.
【装備】Grace of Neza【消滅】
【アイテム】Mystic Stonex1【消滅】
【装備】Grace of Hokma【獲得】 ⇒ 大事に取っておく
★Aleph's Crystalx1を所持
<131> [NPC]Place with Strange Force
【アイテム】Aleph's Crystalx1【消滅】
<132> [NPC]Noble Madam
1 The way of protecting Bale from a different dimension…
1 Sir Arus can go.
1 Sir Arus is also Balie.

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