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■■■クエスト攻略④ メインストーリー EP1(前編)

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続いて メインストーリーEP1(前編)
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■ メインストーリーEP1(前編)
<1> [NPC]D.End
2 I know the next word, so lets just start.(会話省略のルート)
<2> [NPC]Amelia
3 Could I meet with your master?
1 Show the letter from the noble woman.
1 Calm down. Should I bring a gift with me?
【QI】Madam's Recommendation【消滅】…クレアサイン時に獲得
【QI】Convincing Amelia【獲得】
<3> [NPC]Erantess
2 I want to help.
1 I, I don't know haw to cook.
【QI】Erantess Vessel【獲得】
<4> [NPC]Gypsy Kid ※誰でもいい
 ⇒I want some Nixir's Soup.以外なら【ESC】でキャンセル
1 How do you make that?
1 I'll try.
【QI】Erantess Vessel【消滅】
【QI】Making Nixie's Soup【獲得】
<5> [NPC]Erantess
3 Would you give me some Water?
<6> [NPC]Kettle
1 Make the Nixie's Soup.
【QI】Making Nixie's Soup【消滅】
<7> [NPC]Kettle
1 Season with Magic Powder.
【QI】Nixie's Soup【獲得】
<8> [NPC]Gypsy Kid ※誰でもいい
1 Give them Nixie's Soup.
【QI】Nixie's Soup【消滅】
<9> [NPC]Gypsy Kid ※誰でもいい
1 Do you have anything else you want to eat?
1 Would you tell America about me?
【QI】Convincing Amelia【消滅】
【QI】Children's Letter【獲得】
<10> [NPC]Amelia
1 I want to meet Brandon.
1 I really wasn't making fun of you.
1 Then what!
【QI】Children's Letter【消滅】
<11> [Warp]To Brandon' House
<12> [NPC]Brandon

1 I want to know about the way for Bale to disappear.
1 Out of this world, every single one of them.
1 Give me some helpful words.
3 In truth, I don't want it.
1 Because I wonder when that will happen.
<13> [NPC]Brandon
1 What do you mean?
【QI】Pass for Clements Mine【獲得】
<14> [Warp]To Village
<15> [NPC]Amelia

1 Receive Aleph's Crystal.
【アイテム】アレフの水晶x1【獲得】 ⇒ 使うので捨ててはダメ
<16> [NPC]Travel Agent in Zaid
1 Where is the place that I'm headed?
1 I am ready.
【移動】ワープ先の十字路(Fire Pillar)を右奥へ
<17> [NPC]Corpse in the Air
1 Break Aleph's Crystal.
【QI】Pass for Clements Mine【消滅】
【QI】Images of What Happened in Cave【獲得】
<18> [NPC]Brandon
1 I'll find it out from now on.
【QI】Images of What Happened in Cave【消滅】
【QI】Brandon' Answer【獲得】
<19> [NPC]D.End
2 Brandon said.
1 There were none?
1 Maybe they destroyed it in secret?
【QI】Brandon' Answer【消滅】
<20> [NPC]Brandon
1 You said that other people came too right?
2 Who was the first one to come here?
1 Are you not in good terms with him?
<21> [NPC]Herkaus
2 I am looking for the way to exterminate Bale.
4 I was wondering around, and.
【QI】Let's Pull Up Radish【獲得】
>50Lv Super Hard Radish [Tree] を倒す
【QI】Let's Pull Up Radish【消滅】
【QI】Hard Radish【獲得】
<22> [NPC]Herkaus
【QI】Hard Radish【消滅】
【QI】Herkas' Water Bucket【獲得】
<23> [NPC]Big Barrel
【QI】Herkas' Water Bucket【消滅】
【QI】Expensive Blue Liquor【獲得】
<24> [NPC]Herkaus
【QI】Expensive Blue Liquor【消滅】
<25> [NPC]Herkaus
1 I have something to ask.
2 How the Bale can be exterminated from this world?
1 You misunderstand. I mean.
<26> [NPC]Herkaus
1 I have something to ask.
4 The way of the exterminating Balie.
1 Erasnets?
1 The earlist Mage?
1 10 years old? No way.
1 Where is Erasnets?
1 [I can go.]
【QI】Erasnets 300 Years Ago【獲得】
<27> [NPC]D.End
2 Ask about Erasnets.
【QI】Erasnets 300 Years Ago【消滅】
<28> [NPC]Place with Strange Force
<29> [NPC]Greywind
2 Ask if he has seen Arus here?
2 I need to check out what's going on over there.
1 Yes.
2 Okay.
【QI】Greywind's Request【獲得】
<30> [NPC]Greywind
1 Hand over.
【QI】Greywind's Request【消滅】
<31> [NPC]Greywind
1 Who?
1 What is it that you are trying to do?
3 Okay.
【QI】Nutritious Tonic【獲得】
<32> [NPC]Vivi
1 Give the Nutritious Tonic.
1 No! This is important business for me.
【QI】Nutritious Tonic【消滅】
【アイテム】酒x5、肉x5【獲得】 ⇒ 酒は後に1つ使う
<33> [NPC]Vivi
1 Won't you give me something as a souvenir?
1 Umm, don't you have something else than this?
【QI】Nutritious Tonic【消滅】
【QI】Vivi's Name Card【獲得】
<34> [NPC]Greywind
1 Excuse me but how many times did you say you failed?
1 What crest is it?
1 Why would she do such a thing?
1 But?
1 Tell the truth.
1 What is?
1 (.)
【QI】Vivi's Name Card【消滅】
【QI】Amulet of Dismantlement【獲得】
<35> [NPC]Place with Strange Force
1 See the image that remains here.
【QI】Amulet of Dismantlement【消滅】
【QI】Images of Event at Adel【獲得】
<36> [NPC]D.End
2 Report your findings.
1 How can I do that?
【QI】Images of Event at Adel【消滅】
<37> [NPC]Berner
1 Do you want to drink?
1 Prince Mercutio?
1 Oh, thank you.
1 Sure.
【QI】Record of Duran【獲得】
<38> [NPC]Prell
1 Ask about Duran.
1 What kind of man was Duran?
1 Balies don't die?
1 Successor?
【QI】Prell's Story【獲得】
<39> [NPC]Elston
1 Do you know Duran?
<40> [NPC]Elston
4 Why did Duran leave the Militia?
1 Balie Cult?
【QI】Elston's Story【獲得】
<41> [NPC]Sohn
1 Ask about Duran.
1 Why did Duran leave the Militia?
<42> [NPC]Bloodstain ※奥の[Q]
1 Ask the people about the blood stain.
【QI】Blood Stain【獲得】
<43> [NPC]Sohn
2 Ask about the blood stain.
1 Duran?
【QI】Blood Stain【消滅】
【QI】Sohn's Story【獲得】
<44> [NPC]Graham
1 There's something I want to ask.
<45> [NPC]Remy
2 Is there any way to get the field trip document?
3 What about using power of love and justice?
<46> [NPC]Collins
2 Can I borrow you field trip document?
1 Attack him and steel the document. (笑)
【QI】Field Trip Document【獲得】
<47> [NPC]Graham
1 There's something I want to ask.
1 I want to know about Duran.
<48> [NPC]Graham
1 There's something I want to ask.
1 I want to know about Duran.
3 I, I'm a poet.
1 Poem about Duran.
【QI】Chief of Silon Militia's Story【獲得】
<49> [NPC]Graham
1 There's something I want to ask.
4 I want to go the southern cave.
【QI】Permit to Enter Silon Cave【獲得】
<50> [NPC]Collins
3 Give the document back.
1 Yes.
【QI】Field Trip Document【消滅】
<51> [NPC]Berner
2 Deliver the Sohn's story.
2 I'll go find more information.
【QI】Sohn's Story【消滅】
<52> [NPC]Berner
2 Deliver Elston's story.
2 I'll go find more information.
【QI】Elston's Story【消滅】
<53> [NPC]Berner
2 Deliver Prell's story.
【QI】Prell's Story【消滅】
<54> [NPC]Berner
2 Deliver chief of Silon Militia's Story
【QI】Chief of Silon Militia's Story【消滅】
<55> [NPC]Sohn
2 Does anyone else know about Duran?
1 Cave?
<56> [NPC]Member of Silon Militia
2 Show cave pass permission.
【QI】Permit to Enter Silon Cave【消滅】
<57> [NPC]Dark Hair Kid
2 Do you know Duran?
1 I want to know why he left the militia.
1 Talk.
2 Truth.
1 Sure.
【QI】Boy's Request【獲得】
【QI】Boy's Request【消滅】
【QI】Warrior of Darkness' Head【獲得】
<58> [NPC]Dark Hair Kid
2 Show dark knight's head.
1 Why?
1 Prophecy?
1 Galadriel's inheritor?
【QI】Warrior of Darkness' Head【消滅】
【QI】Boy's Story【獲得】
<59> [NPC]Dark Hair Kid
5 Who was the anyway?
2 Then what about the heroes defeating Galadriel?
3 Galadriel is still alive.
1 Who is Galadriel?
1 Why is he being quiet if he is Balie?
<60> [NPC]Berner
2 Deliver the boy's message.
1 Don't you want the truth?
1 How about you make up the story?
【QI】Boy's Story【消滅】
<61> [NPC]Berner
2 No more information to find.
1 Yes.
【QI】Record of Duran【消滅】
<62> [NPC]Black Hair Knight
3 Complete the quest.
1 Talk about Baldea.
<63> [NPC]Black Hair Knight
5 Discuss the story of the Black-haired boy.
2 I want to know if it's true or not.
1 What is it?
1 What?
1 Okay.
【QI】Letter to be Sent to Boy【獲得】
<64> [NPC]Dark Hair Kid
1 Who are you?
3 Elim?
3 But, you are not a human though?
<65> [NPC]Dark Hair Kid
3 What does Arus want to be forgiven?
1 Are you going to attack them again?
1 Why?
1 What's the reason?
<66> [NPC]Dark Hair Kid
5 What do you want then?
<67> [NPC]Dark Hair Kid
6 I heard everything. I want to go back now.
1 What is it?
1 Real name?
【QI】Letter to be Sent to Boy【消滅】
【QI】Yesod's Answer【獲得】
【QI】Galadriel's Name【獲得】
<68> [NPC]Black Hair Knight
3 Complete the quest.
2 Discuss Yesod's story.
1 How come?
2 Then, what happens if Yesod dies?
1 Then, what happens if You die?
【QI】Yesod's Answer【消滅】
<69> [NPC]Black Hair Knight
3 Complete the quest.
2 Give the name Yesod provided.
【QI】Galadriel's Name【消滅】
<70> [NPC]Black Hair Knight
2 Take the request.
2 Simple request.
1 What's going on?
1 Okay.
【QI】Knight's Question【獲得】
【移動】マデリン南西部、占いの館(Fortune Teller's House)
<71> [NPC]Elf ※右側の青い妖精(グローア)
1 About my destiny.
【QI】Shina's Charm【消滅】
<72> [NPC]Shina
1 You relay the question.
【QI】Knight's Question【消滅】
【QI】Shina's Divination Sign【獲得】
<73> [NPC]Black Hair Knight
3 Complete the quest.
2 Tell him about Shina's prophecy.
【QI】Shina's Divination Sign【消滅】
【アイテム】白金x20【獲得】 ⇒ ゴミ
<74> [NPC]Black Hair Knight
1 Talk
3 About the Lion Crest.
【QI】Secret of Arus【獲得】
<75> [NPC]Dark Hair Kid
3 Deliver Arus' Thank you message.
<76> [NPC]D.End
2 Tell him about Arus.
【QI】Secret of Arus【消滅】



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