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■■■クエスト攻略③ 聖剣と魔剣+α(新エピは未実装)

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続いて 聖剣と魔剣
* * *

■ 聖剣と魔剣
<1> [NPC]Strange Warp
1 You go back to meet the person from the Future.
<2> [NPC]Peterson
2 I know what's coming next. Never mind, I'm on it.(会話省略のルート)
【QI】Holy _Unholy Swords【獲得】
<3> [Warp]To Lime
<4> [NPC]D.Swordend
1 Who are you?
1 What should I do now?
【QI】Holy _Unholy Swords【消滅】
<5> [NPC]Albereo
2 I'm looking for work.
1 Go ahead and tell me.
1 All right.
【QI】Albereo's Prescription【獲得】
<6> [Marchant]Gypsy "Geranious""Talk"
1 You show him the prescription.
1 What ails you?
【QI】Albereo's Prescription【消滅】
【QI】Albereo's Medicine【獲得】
<7> [NPC]Albereo
【QI】Albereo's Medicine【消滅】
<8> [NPC]Albereo
2 I'm looking for work.
1 All right.
【QI】Albereo's Prescription【獲得】
<9> [Marchant]Gypsy "Geranious""Talk"
1 You show him the prescription.
1 Tell me.
【QI】Albereo's Prescription【消滅】
【QI】Geranious Advice【獲得】
【QI】Albereo's Medicine【獲得】
<10> [NPC]Albereo
1 You suggest that he get some rest.
【QI】Geranious Advice【消滅】
【QI】Albereo's Medicine【消滅】
<11> [NPC]D.Swordend
1 To research the person who made the Holy Sword and th…
1 To research the person who made Albereo.
【QI】Albereo's Maker【獲得】
<12> [NPC]Albereo
4 You talk about the sword he is going to make someday.
1 Name that sword after yourself.
【QI】Boy Named Albereo【獲得】
<13> [NPC]D.Swordend
4 Report about the boy Albereo.
【QI】Albereo's Maker【消滅】
【QI】Boy Named Albereo【消滅】
<14> [NPC]Strange Writing
1 Yes.
【QI】Strange Initial【獲得】
<15> [NPC]Naming Specialist
3 Ask about the initials the corpse wrote.
1 What does potato mean?
1 Who did you give the name to?
【QI】Strange Initial【消滅】
【QI】Noble "Alexan."【獲得】
<16> [NPC]Noble Woman(緑色の服を着た女性
1 Ask what they are talking about.
1 Ask.
【QI】Noble's Name【獲得】
<17> [NPC]Wilphson
1 Ask name.
1 What?
1 Alex.What?
【QI】Noble's Name【消滅】
<18> [NPC]Wilphson
1 Ask about the son.
1 Tell him how you found the name.
1 Do you know why that happened?
1 I still want to know.
1 Then?
1 A legendary sword?
1 Yes.
【QI】Noble's Name【消滅】
<19> [NPC]D.Swordend
1 To research the person who made the Holy Sword and th…
1 To research the person who made the Tirbing.
【QI】Tirbing's Maker【獲得】
<20> [NPC]Wilphson
【QI】Wilphson's Receipt【獲得】
<21> [NPC]Gardel
2 What are you doing here?
<22> [NPC]Maid
2 Can you persuade your master?
1 Give her some money.
1 Is there anything that your master is scared of?
1 Hm. Pretty scary huh?
【QI】Convincing Gardel【獲得】
<23> [NPC]Gardel
3 Threaten him with Dullahan's autograph.
1 I'm Dullahan's friend.
【QI】Convincing Gardel【消滅】
<24> [NPC]Gardel
1 Where did you get the Unholy Sword Tirbing?
【QI】Wilphson's Receipt【消滅】
【QI】Gardel's Receipt【獲得】
<25> [NPC]Shecow
1 I want to talk to the grandmother.
1 Show Gardel the receipt.
【QI】Gypsy's Proof【獲得】
<26> [NPC]Shezinie
3 I want to know the place where you bought Tirbing.
1 Visit the place.
1 I'm just doing someone a favor.
【QI】Gypsy's Proof【消滅】
<27> [NPC]Shezinie
1 Are you going to tell me now?
<28> [NPC]Shezinie
1 Tell me where you got the Tirbing from.
1 What does that mean?
【QI】Shezinie's Story【獲得】
<29> [NPC]D.Swordend
4 Provide Shezinie's story.
【QI】Shezinie's Story【消滅】
【QI】Gardel's Receipt【消滅】
【QI】Tirbing's Maker【消滅】
<30> [Marchant]Lionelに"Talk"
5 I'm looking for a job.
1 Yeah, that's correct.
1 It will be done.
【QI】Lionel's Letter【獲得】
<31> [NPC]Kane
<32> [NPC]Olsenに"Talk"
1 You show him Lionel's letter.
1 I have to bring back a reply.
1 I have to take it back with me.
1 I said I have to take it back with me.
【QI】Lionel's Letter【消滅】
【QI】Olsen's Answer【獲得】
<33> [Marchant]Lionelに"Talk"
5 Show the answers of Olson.
【QI】Olsen's Answer【消滅】
<34> [NPC]Kane
<35> [NPC]Kane
<36> [NPC]Kane

1 I'll do that.
【QI】Something Given to Albereo【獲得】
<37> [NPC]Albereo
1 I kind sword?
【QI】Something Given to Albereo【消滅】
【QI】Olsen's Sword【獲得】
<38> [NPC]Kane
【QI】Olsen's Sword【消滅】
<39> [NPC]Kane
1 I'll do that.
【QI】Promise with Kane【獲得】
<40> [Warp]To Closed Mine
<41> [Warp]Exit ★一定時間トラップ有り
※(Looked outside, (略))と出たら【Esc】でキャンセルを繰り返し
★(Sunlight…Ha! There's the exit!)と出たら進む
【QI】Promise with Kane【消滅】
<42> [NPC]Kane
1 You tell him to apologize.
<43> [NPC]Kane
2 You ask him why he does what hi does.
<44> [NPC]Olsenに"Talk"
3 You talk about the visit to the defunct mine.
1 What are you talking about?
【装備】各職業2次武器【獲得】 ⇒ ゴミ
<45> [NPC]Kane
1 I'll ask him for you.
【QI】Question for Aaron【獲得】
<46> [NPC]Aaron
3 Yes, well, I've got something to ask.
1 You don't want to give it some more thought?
【QI】Question for Aaron【消滅】
【QI】Aaron's Answer【獲得】
<47> [NPC]Kane
1 Can I lend a hand?
4 You're should learn to wield the sword on your own.
【QI】Aaron's Answer【消滅】
<48> [NPC]Kane
1 Be my friend.
1 You mean it.

<49> [NPC]Puppet Master
3 You ask them to make the doll.
1 Yes.
【アイテム】doll【獲得】 ⇒ アエサに渡す人形、捨てちゃダメ
<50> [NPC]Hegel
3 You ask about the girl sitting next to him.
<51> [NPC]Aesa
2 You hand her a doll.
<52> [NPC]Hegel
4 You ask if you can do anything to help.
1 I'll ask her.
【QI】Aesa's Wish【獲得】
<53> [NPC]Aesa
2 You ask her what her wish is.
1 One who will become a warrior?
1 I tell her I'll find him.
【QI】Aesa's Wish【消滅】
【QI】Swordman's Name【獲得】
<54> [NPC]Kane
1 You ask him his name.
1 You tell him about Aesa.
【QI】Swordman's Name【消滅】
【QI】Kane's Name【獲得】
<55> [NPC]Aesa
2 You mention Kane to her.
1 What's that noise?
【QI】Kane's Name【消滅】
【QI】Aesa's Answer【獲得】
<56> [NPC]Hegel
5 You reveal what Aesa wants.
【QI】Aesa's Answer【消滅】
【アイテム】crystal【獲得】 ⇒ ただの水晶(1DCの価値w)

<57> [NPC]Silvein
2 I am looling for a work.
2 Okay.
【QI】Find Cookie of Happiness【獲得】
<58> [NPC]Kettle
1 Make it.
<59> [NPC]Kettle
【QI】Find Cookie of Happiness【消滅】
【QI】Cookie of Happiness【獲得】
<60> [NPC]Silvein
3 Give the Cookie of Happiness.
【QI】Cookie of Happiness【消滅】
<61> [NPC]Silvein
3 Have a conversation.
1 Okay.
【QI】Silvein's Fortune【獲得】
【移動】マデリン南西部、占いの館(Fortune Teller's House)
<62> [NPC]Elf ※右側の青い妖精(グローア)
1 She read Silvein's fortune.
【QI】Silvein's Fortune【消滅】
【QI】Silvein's Fortune(Ans)【獲得】
<63> [NPC]Silvein
3 Tell Shina's prophetic sign.
【QI】Silvein's Fortune(Ans)【消滅】
<64> [NPC]Sate
3 Did anything happen to you after you assumed ownershi…
1 A warrior?
1 Why do you have it if you're never going to drow it?
【QI】Boy Named Sate【獲得】
<65> [NPC]D.Swordend
5 Report about the boy Sate.
【QI】Boy Named Sate【消滅】
<66> [NPC]D.Swordend
5 Ask about Sate.
1 I'm ready.
<67> [NPC]Kane
<68> [NPC]Aesa
3 I'll help you.
<69> [NPC]Manuel
<70> [NPC]Wenson
<71> [NPC]Rowyl
2 Is this all the men you have?
<72> [NPC]Larel
3 What year is this?
<73> [NPC]Kane
【QI】Let's Help Kane【獲得】
<74> [NPC]Kane
>[Hard] Railorのエリアへ
※メッセージが出るまで[Hard] Railorを倒す
ex:Where did Kane go? He must(略)

【QI】Let's Help Kane【消滅】
【QI】Destiny of HS and ES【獲得】
<75> [Warp]To Outside
<76> [NPC]Kane

3 Look for someone who will help you.
1 What if you go see Duran?
1 Guess that's true.
<77> [NPC]Kane
5 Who's Silvein?
<78> [NPC]Aesa
1 What happened?
<79> [NPC]Manuel
1 What happened?
3 Why did Silvein die?
1 Did this happen became of Silvein's death?
1 The Balie order?
<80> [NPC]To Village
<81> [NPC]D.Swordend
3 To research the location of the Holy Sword and Unholy…
1 Where are Kane and Sate?
【QI】Destiny of HS and ES【消滅】




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