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続いて 英雄たちの行方
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■ 英雄たちの行方
<1> [NPC]Strange Warp
1 You go back to meet the person from the Future.
<2> [NPC]Iris
2 I know what's coming next. Never mind, I'll do it.(会話省略のルート)
【QI】Heroes' Whereabouts【獲得】
<3> [Warp]To Lime
<4> [NPC]D.Heroend
2 What will be the first thing to do.
【QI】Heroes' Whereabouts【消滅】
<5> [NPC]D.Heroend
4 Take the portrait of Arus.
【QI】Portrait of Arus【獲得】
<6> [NPC]Black Hair Knight
3 Take the request.
1 That's a little hard.
1 Go ahead.
1 Okay, Sir Arus.
<7> [NPC]Black Hair Knight
2 Can you give me your signature?
1 Signature.
【QI】Portrait of Arus【消滅】
【QI】Arus' Signature【獲得】
<8> [NPC]D.Heroend
6 Present the signature of Arus.
【QI】Arus' Signature【消滅】
<9> [NPC]D.Heroend
5 Take the portrait of Claire.
【QI】Portrait of Claire【獲得】
<10> [NPC]Noble Madam
1 Okay.
【QI】Knight at Elim tavern【獲得】
<11> [NPC]Black Hair Knight
3 Stop.
<12> [Marchant]Jinに"Talk"
1 Pay the Knight's bill.
1 Yes, right.
<13> [NPC]Black Hair Knight
3 I just wanted to talk.
4 Ask about his job.
1 What is the highest duty of a Knight?
1 That answer is so right.
1 Can you be more specific about it?
1 What?
【QI】Knight at Elim tavern【消滅】
【QI】Black-Hair Knight's Reply【獲得】
<14> [NPC]Noble Madam
【QI】Black-Hair Knight's Reply【消滅】
<15> [NPC]Noble Madam
1 I am looking for the way to exterminate Bale.
1 Actually, someone asked me to.
1 That's not right.
【QI】Madam's Recommendation【獲得】
<16> [NPC]Noble Madam
3 Please give me your signature?
1 Please give me the signature?
【QI】Portrait of Claire【消滅】
【QI】Claire' Signature【獲得】
<17> [NPC]D.Heroend
6 Present the signature of Claire.
【QI】Claire' Signature【消滅】
<18> [NPC]D.Heroend
3 Take the portrait of Baldea.
【QI】Portrait of Baldea【獲得】
<19> [NPC]Green Hair Elf
3 You're Baldea, aren't you?
2 Give me your autograph!
1 Give me your autograph! Hurry up!
【QI】Portrait of Baldea【消滅】
【QI】Baldea' Signature【獲得】
<20> [NPC]D.Heroend
6 Present the signature of Baldea.
【QI】Baldea' Signature【消滅】
<21> [NPC]D.Heroend
2 Take the portrait of Duran.
【QI】Portrait of Duran【獲得】
<22> [NPC]Rosanne
3 Show the portrait of Duran.
1 You've met Duran?
1 Do you know where he is?
【QI】Rosanne's Jewelry【獲得】
<23> [NPC]Rosanne
2 Present Jewels.
【QI】Rosanne's Jewelry【消滅】
<24> [NPC]Jack
1 I want to join the militia.
1 You agree to the test.
【QI】Militia Entrance Exam【獲得】
<25> [NPC]Cordelia
【QI】Militia Entrance Exam【消滅】
【QI】Cordelia's Proof【獲得】
<26> [NPC]Cordelia
1 You ask what he's doing.
<27> [NPC]Crushed Flower
1 You pick up the flowers.
【QI】Crushed Flower【獲得】
<28> [NPC]Cordelia
1 You hand a torn flower to Cordelia.
1 You ask what he's doing.
【QI】Crushed Flower【消滅】
<29> [NPC]Jack
【QI】Cordelia's Proof【消滅】
<30> [NPC]Janet
5 By any chance, do you know where Duran is?
2 Even just an insingificant piece of information will.
1 I'm a fan!
<31> [NPC]Slay
1 Speak
1 What?
1 For what?
1 Why all of a sudden?
【QI】Slay's Request【獲得】

<32> [NPC]Slay
2 Give gold.
1 Oh yeah
1 Huh? What?
1 Who are you?
1 A cult that praises the god of Darkness Balie.
1 I can't say even if I knew.
1 I couldn't say even if my life were on the line.
1 What?
1 For real?
1 I'm looking for Duran.
1 That is my task.
【QI】Slay's Request【消滅】
<33> [NPC]Rosanne
3 Show the portrait of Duran.
1 She didn't tell me where.
1 Alright.
【QI】First Knight【獲得】
<34> [NPC]Volten
2 You show him your eagle crest.
【移動】マデリン南西部、占いの館(Fortune Teller's House)
<35> [NPC]Shina
2 I came to tell fortune.
1 I want you tell my fortune.
【QI】Shina's Charm【獲得】
<36> [NPC]Shina
2 I came to tell fortune.
<37> [NPC]Wagon Driver at Monastery
1 Elim.(どこでもいい)
⇒Here we go!(Huh?)(…Why does it feel odd?)
<38> 53Lv Lioner [Steel]を倒す
1 Why did you attack me?
1 Was I looking for you?
【QI】Portrait of Duran【消滅】
【QI】Duran' Signature【獲得】
<39> [NPC]Blitz
1 Yeah. Let me go out.
<40> [NPC]D.Heroend
6 Present the signature of Duran.
【QI】Duran' Signature【消滅】
<41> [NPC]D.Heroend
1 I will check that, when I meet with all of them.



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